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kazzik phoned me tonight and, among other things, mentioned a PuntT00bage for the 20th?

Amazingly, that's the only free weekend I have this month - can it be so? Why the silence? Is there anyone there? Aaaa, I don't wanna go back in the box! Help me, I'm melting.... aaaaaaa!
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That was a great weekend, and it was splendid to see everyone.

I'm missing you all again already - meep!
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Punt00bage Reminder No.1

Just a quick reminder that this year's Punt00bage is only two weeks away. The tally of confirmed attendees currently stands at four, so if you registered as a 'maybe' (or didn't register at all), then now's the time to update the Punt00bage Poll. Ta muchly!

Slightly-less-vague plan of action: Friday evening meet up for cocktails from 5pm at Hollywood Cocktails (or, failing that, the Duke of Cambridge) followed by a retreat to Chez Zorac for food, alcohol and posibly heckling of PS and CoS. Saturday meet up for lunch at [to be decided] from noon, followed by afternoon Punting with Pimm's. After that, there's ice-cream at G&D's and PoA for those as are interested. The rest we can figure out at the time.
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Poor Portugal

Take one Portuguese talent quest winner and four backing singers dancing ( two boys and two girls ) and what do you get ? Something that does not grab attention and you just hear the words Foi Magia far more than is healthy !
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reprising my role as Erin Creevey

Attn: Punt00bage 2003 attendees!

I realised that I never did post my pictures from the first Punt00bage, what with my travels afterward and then essays/exams/going-home-to-dialup. Since I've started indirectly harrassing malachan for his pictures, I should probably make mine available as well.

Would any of you be bothered if I posted the pics and linked to them here or in my LJ? I could refrain from labelling with names, if that would make it acceptable.

Just let me know. :)

ETA: If I make a post in this community and f-lock it, is it then locked it for members of the comm, or only people who I have friended who are members of the comm?
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Yes, it's still fairly earlyish, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any intentions/plans for the POA premier and release?

Conversely, is there anyone categorically keeping out of it this time around?

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London, Leicester Sq. Odeon, 22/02/2004 14:00 - the abridged post!

Yes, you may indeed assume that if I’m posting here then there’s a very impromptu, last-minute t00bage in the works.

arwena has been touring England’s green and pleasant capital for a few days now, and by golly, we haven’t given her a proper reception!

arwena, starcrossedgirl, kazzik and I shall be meeting up in Leicester Sq. outside the large Odeon at 14:00 tomorrow (Sunday), pinguthegreek is going to see if she can make it and I’ve left messages on a number of your answer machines.

Veni, Vedi, T00bi!
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Nobody has posted anything about any upcoming t00bing ! Surely someone in the London area other than me is up for a t00b ? Am missing my t00bs muchly. Someone cheer me up and say yes to a t00b ?