Some enchanted penguin (pinguthegreek) wrote in t00bage,
Some enchanted penguin

Nobody has posted anything about any upcoming t00bing ! Surely someone in the London area other than me is up for a t00b ? Am missing my t00bs muchly. Someone cheer me up and say yes to a t00b ?

  • T00bage???

    kazzik phoned me tonight and, among other things, mentioned a PuntT00bage for the 20th? Amazingly, that's the only free weekend I have…

  • Weeeeeeeee!

    That was a great weekend, and it was splendid to see everyone. I'm missing you all again already - meep!

  • Final Punt00bage Spam

    Punt00bage is this weekend! If you're planning on coming and haven't yet said that you are, please fill out or update the Punt00bage Poll.…

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