Zorac (zorac) wrote in t00bage,

Punt00bage 2004

Punt00bage 2004: Oxford, 11th-13 June 2004, Read all about it and fill out the poll.

As either I, LJ or Semagic is lame, the post first got posted without its poll and then got posted to my LJ instead of here. Of course, as it now does have the poll in it I can;t move it back here...


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    kazzik phoned me tonight and, among other things, mentioned a PuntT00bage for the 20th? Amazingly, that's the only free weekend I have…

  • Weeeeeeeee!

    That was a great weekend, and it was splendid to see everyone. I'm missing you all again already - meep!

  • Final Punt00bage Spam

    Punt00bage is this weekend! If you're planning on coming and haven't yet said that you are, please fill out or update the Punt00bage Poll.…

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