Zorac (zorac) wrote in t00bage,

Punt00bage Reminder No.1

Just a quick reminder that this year's Punt00bage is only two weeks away. The tally of confirmed attendees currently stands at four, so if you registered as a 'maybe' (or didn't register at all), then now's the time to update the Punt00bage Poll. Ta muchly!

Slightly-less-vague plan of action: Friday evening meet up for cocktails from 5pm at Hollywood Cocktails (or, failing that, the Duke of Cambridge) followed by a retreat to Chez Zorac for food, alcohol and posibly heckling of PS and CoS. Saturday meet up for lunch at [to be decided] from noon, followed by afternoon Punting with Pimm's. After that, there's ice-cream at G&D's and PoA for those as are interested. The rest we can figure out at the time.
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