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Maybe this really is calamity!t00bage.

It seems Kazzi cannot make it to the movie tomorrow after all, but I do not know for certain yet.

So, in the event that she cannot make it, does anybody want her ticket? RotK, 15.10, at the Odeon on LSqu in London, 12£ plus 50p handling charge.

I am off to bed now so that I shall be able to bounce around tomorrow, but I'll check back tomorrow morning to see if anybody replied. Kaz, if you see this, please please please let me know what is happening.
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RotK t00bage

I just mailed Las that we will meet at 2.30 pm at the Odeon Leicester Square for the viewing. So everybody coming and especially those needing to collect the ticket from Tine should be there at that time as well.

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Hey there everybody. As you probably all know Aegy is coming over here after Christmas and we would like to ry and get a t00bage going in London some time between the 29th of December and the 2nd of January. It'd be a day thing, shopping, pub, food, that sort of thing, as I understand loads of you will have commitments and can't spare much time. It'd be really nice to see you all there so let us know and we'll set something up.
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Heya t00bs :)

Sorry for the crosspost...

We're looking for someone to take a ticket for the theatre in London (Savoy) on Monday the 15th off our hands. It's for the premiere of Peter Pan, with Captain Hook played by Anthony Steward Head of Buffy fame. We have one spare ticket for a ninth row seat at 37.50 Pounds. There will be a few of us going- we originally bought seven tickets, and I know other t00bs also got tickets for the same performance.

There will be t00bing beforehand, and probably also after. :)

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Hi guys :)

I'm doing some research on how language is used in online fandomness, and I need to know... where does the word 't00b' come from? So far, my research has, alas, been fruitless, but this seemed like a good place to ask :)

Thankye muchly,

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So who's going to be at the Oxford t00bage in two weeks time? And for which days?

I can't keep track of these things any more!

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Major UK HP convention in early pre-preparation

Just to send a word out to the usual suspects about early pre-preparation for a possible full-scale Harry Potter convention in the UK in 2005, 2006 or 2007. It's far too early to say whether this will be organised at all under the auspices of HP Education Fanon, Inc. or not - in short, and in very hand-wave-y terms, whether it would be the Nimbus for whichever year is eventually selected or not. (It could well be that there is more than one UK HP con, eventually working up towards a Nimbus-class con bid.)

Anyway, there's an ongoing poll to get people's early thoughts on the matter. You'll probably see it publicised around the HPFGU side of the fandom fairly extensively, but it would seem to be mad not to get the HP fans who meet up in the UK already involved as well.

To vote, first (a) curse Yahoo! Groups with any third-year or higher hex for making step (b) necessary, (b) join the HP-UK-Convention group and only then (c) tick boxes in the poll.

How'way the t00bs.
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London Theatre in December??

Link to London Theatre Website, Peter Pan

Anthony Steward Head of Buffy (Giles) fame will play Captain Hook. Or maybe Captain H00k?

ina and I will be in London that week for Lord of the Rings reasons, and want to go see Mr Head on the 15th, which incidentally is opening night. We will probably book within the next few minutes, but anyone wanting to come with is very welcome to ping me on y!m at chinawolf01 or email me at chinawolf at livejournal dot com.